Home Again

This comes without warning, but I am back in the U.S.A. for the foreseeable future. My job in South Korea was much too stressful, and my family desperately needed my help back on the East Coast. This was supposed to be only a six-month stay, but it would appear I will be here for much … More Home Again

The next chapter

It’s been decided, I’ll be returning home to America in January! Hopefully for only six months, whilst I apply for a language and degree program in Seoul. However, for sure I’m going home. I’ve been obsessing and stressing over this for the past couple of months. School started back up, and I’ve been planning the … More The next chapter

Still here…

Hello everyone, I’m still here! This month has been…one of the hardest months I’ve had in a long time. Work was piling up, problems from back home arose, students have been acting out, and life decided now was the time to slap me in the face with an existential crises. I was feeling too overwhelmed … More Still here…

Seoul Rookie

Ah…I lied about Tuesday or Wednesday. I started to study a little, and it wound up being an all afternoon study session, and then I went out for dinner with a friend. So, no posting! But, here we are finally. My first visit took place over Chuseok, which is a fairly long holiday here in … More Seoul Rookie


Sorry for the radio silence, I’m usually fairly lazy on weekends to recover from the working week. This past weekend was the end of a long vacation, so I was more-so in mourning ha-ha. Unfortunately I can’t publish my next blog post about Daegu until I get some pictures from my boyfriend ^^ so it … More Update