Pets Part 2

This is Happy(I use him as my avatar), he adopted us right after we moved a couple years ago. We refer to him as our pasture dog due to the fact he mostly stays outside with the horses; We can’t imagine life on the farm without our Happy-Jack 😀


I haven’t gotten any feedback from y’all but I hope you are enjoying the story nonetheless! I have yet to start on chapter two but I hope to have it up sometime tonight. Just need to get the notes situated and typed up. Don’t be shy! Comment, like, share, message, anything!

Chapter 1

I typed up what I feel is fit for chapter one, let me know what you guys think! Should I add a little more, take somethings out? Don’t be afraid to send some feedback my way! See any typos? Point ’em out! That way I can edit it and hopefully not make the same mistake … More Chapter 1

Stay Tuned

Hello all! If you saw my last post feel free to share, comment, or like it! I’ll be posting a new segment later today so stay tuned!

Here We Go!

Below is the very beginning to my story. I’ve revised it quite a few times but I still feel it’s unfinished. The rest of the book I still haven’t typed up or organized. I want to post this bit anyways just to share it and hopefully get some critiques. Like I stated before, pretty much … More Here We Go!