Here We Go!

Below is the very beginning to my story. I’ve revised it quite a few times but I still feel it’s unfinished. The rest of the book I still haven’t typed up or organized. I want to post this bit anyways just to share it and hopefully get some critiques. Like I stated before, pretty much the only experience in writing I have is English class. I hope to change my major soon and get into some real workshops and creative writing courses. Until then, all I have is you guys! Help a girl out if you can 🙂 leave a comment, shoot an email, whatever you want! Let me know what I did wrong/right so I have it for future reference! Away we go:


The body lay at her feet unmoving. She stood, staring at it as her heart pounded against her chest. The gun in her right hand slipped from her fingers landing on the floor with a solid thud. She pressed her hands to her head, quickly following the gun. Thoughts racing in circles she couldn’t comprehend what had just transpired. His blood began to pool around his corpse, also seeping into her jeans. She screamed trying to push herself off the floor but the slippery blood caused her to crash back down. Scampering backwards from the tiled kitchen to the carpeted living room she paused. She brought her petite hands from the carpet and held them in front of her hazel eyes watching as the red slowly moved down her arms. Desperate to cleanse them of the dark blood, the young woman ran to the bathroom. This was when she noticed it wasn’t just her hands that were stained; she stripped off her clothes and jumped into the small shower. As the hot water hit her naked body she began to sob, wishing her memories could follow the pink water as it swirled and disappeared down the drain.

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