Chapter two….FINALLY

I am so sorry about the delay D8 I know this is a week late. I’ve just been so busy with school and life I haven’t been able to work on it that much. So here you all are, please enjoy and leave some feedback! The format is going to be a little weird due to my having to switch to a chromebook recently. Hopefully by the next chapter I will be able to work this thing better! Until then…

The Sheriff
Chapter two: The Hospital

Not too long after the ambulance arrived Crystal once again passed out; her body slumped against the steering wheel. She was carefully removed from the vehicle and placed onto a stretcher and moved into the ambulance in preparation of being transported to the nearest emergency room.


One of the EMTs quickly turned around having recognized the crisp voice all too well.

“Yes Sheriff?”

His question faltered towards the end.

“Where is she going to be taken?”

The EMT tilted his head and stared at the Sheriff. The man usually didn’t care.

“Uh…Helena sir.”

The Sheriff looked up momentarily before speaking again.

“Alright, Carry on.”

With that the EMT jumped into the ambulance and signaled for the driver to take off. He looked out the windows at the back of the emergency vehicle and watched as the Sheriff began barking orders, still curious about their conversation.
Around afternoon time of the following day, Crystal was awoken by various beeps and whirs around her. Tardily, she opened her eyes.


Crystal turned her head to the source of the chirpy voice.


A sharp pain resonated in her neck, causing her to stop moving.

“Careful miss! Please try not to move.”

The small nurse moved around to the foot of Crystal’s bed so as to be in her view.

“You’ve been in a wreck miss. A bad one too, you’re very lucky.”

Crystal stared at the woman as she waiting for her eyes to finish focusing.

“What happened to me?”

The nurse moved to grab a clipboard hanging on the wall behind her.

“Do you remember anything?”

She got a pen out of her chest pocket and clicked it, ready to write.
Crystal drew her eyebrows together at the nurse’s question.

“Like what?”

At this the nurse pulled a chair next to her bed and sat down. Crossing her legs and placing the clipboard on her lap she looked at Crystal.

“Do you remember anything about yourself? Your name?Job? Where you lived?”

Her nametag was finally visible to Crystal and she saw it read “Joanne”

“My name is Crystal Car-Hollsmon. Crystal Hollsmon. I’m a reporter from Los-Angeles.”

Standing up with a smile Joanne lightly squeezed Crystal’s hand and left.

“Great. I’m going to go get your doctor. Be back shortly!”

Crystal waited patiently for Nurse Joanne to return. She glanced around the room taking in the various machines she was hooked up to. She couldn’t really remember what had happened, only a pair of deep blue eyes in the glare of a flashlight. Before long her Nurse and a man she guessed was her doctor arrived back in the room.

“Crystal?  This is Dr. Jacksman, He is in charge of you while you are at the hospital.”

Dr. Jacksman walked around the bed and shook her hand with a bright smile.

“Crystal, it’s a pleasure to finally learn your name. We were worried.”

Crystal looked at the doctor, eyebrows scrunched.

“How bad are my injuries?”

Dr. Jacksman lowered the clipboard as he began to speak

“Nothing life threatening; although you got pretty close to that. You have a concussion but we will need to get you a CAT Scan to make sure you don’t have any brain trauma, it’s not uncommon for the effects of a brain injury to not show up right away. A few bones were fractured, ribs on your left side and your collar bone. You have deep tissue bruising in both legs and the femur in your left leg has a hairline fracture. Last but not least you received some severe bruising from both the airbag and the seat belt. A couple more weeks in here and you will be good to go.”

As the doctor listed off her injuries, Crystal checked off each one in her head.

“We will get you scheduled for a CAT Scan later on today or early tomorrow.”

Before Dr. Jacksman could leave Crystal asked:

“Wait who is paying for all this? I don’t exactly have the best of insurance.”

The Doctor looked back at her with raised eyebrows but didn’t reply. He briskly walked away, leaving Crystal nothing short of confused.



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