The Creature

Hello all!

This is an excerpt from The Creature, my first attempt at a horror story. I wrote this for my best friend, and it’s still in the works. I don’t know how many chapters I’m going to write, I pretty much just work on this when I have writer’s block. Anywho! Enjoy 😀

Terry continued to watch the door, his ears left empty of noise. Just when he thought they were safe to move the door slowly creaked open. The sound of his heart pounding in his chest only grew louder and faster as the door continued to open. He could make out what appeared to be paws, like that of a wolf, in the darkness. He closed his eyes, wishing for it to go away, praying to God it would just go away. He heard his younger sister suddenly whimper. His head snapped up and faced her. It was a small whimper, perhaps the monster wouldn’t hear, maybe it didn’t notice and would just leave them alone.
They watched each other eyes widen in fear and their breathing stopping altogether. They continued to watch each other, for how long neither could say. The silence making their ears ring but they barely noticed, they were too busy praying to be saved from this hellish nightmare. Maybe that’s all it was…just a nightmare.

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