Chapter Three!

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The Sheriff
Chapter three:The Scans

Nurse Joanne walked into Crystal’s hospital room around three o’clock that afternoon. Crystal had the old television on but wasn’t really paying attention to the images flashing across the screen. Joanne lightly tapped her knuckles on the door to alert Crystal to her presence.

“Crystal dear?”

Crystal moved her eyes to the left, her neck too stiff to allow any real motion.

“Hey Joanne.”

The nurse made her way to the bed and lowered the railings along the sides.

“Dr. Jacksman managed to squeeze you in for both a CAT scan and a MRI.”

Crystal looked to the nurse

“I thought I was getting just a CAT scan?”

Nurse Joanne continued moving lines and machines out of her way.

“The doctor was able to persuade one of the other technicians to fill in. It’s very important we scan you for brain trauma within the next couple days. I’ll have a couple boys wheel you down to get prepped. I’ll be here when you get back.”

Joanne smiled at the girl and gave her hand a light squeeze before leaving to recruit some help for her movement.

It didn’t take long for Nurse Joanne to return with two male nurses by her side. They quickly went to Crystal’s bed and began wheeling her out the door. As they passed into the hallway Crystal saw two police officers fall in step with the nurses. She looked both ways at their faces. Before she could speak Nurse Joanne began going over the procedure for her two scans.

“It won’t take long really, just lay still and remember to breathe. Quite a few patients experience a level of claustrophobia being inside the machines but there isn’t anything to worry about. I will give you some ear plugs for the noise, they won’t completely block out the sounds but they will help.”

Crystal could barely pay attention to what she was saying. Still studying the police officers, who continued to follow them into the elevator and down to the lab. They stopped at the entrance, positioning themselves on either side. As she was wheeled inside, lifted, and strapped onto the bed she couldn’t stop from asking about the two.

“Joanne? Why are there two police officers here?”

Nurse Joanne gave her a smile that was anything but sincere.

“Oh don’t worry about that. Focus on your recovery dear.”

She patted Crystal’s knee and walked out, reminding her not to move as the scan is in progress.

The bed slid into the large machine. Her mind was reeling. The ear plugs did little to help with the noise. She knew why the officers were here. She knew what they were going to do when she was cleared by the hospital. She couldn’t let them succeed. She had to find a way to escape. The gears began to turn in her mind; the plan forming as the lights from the machine flashed above her.


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