Chapter Four

I had a burst of inspiration for this chapter so here it is! It will change my story-line a bit so I will have to go back over my notes for the next chapter. Read and Review!

The Sheriff
Chapter Four: The Escape

Crystal had figured out her escape plan, now she just needed it to work. When the scans were done Nurse Joanne re-entered the room with the two male nurses.


Crystal whispered to herself.

She was shifted back onto the stretcher and they made their way back to her hospital room, the two police officer following behind.

“Could I go to the restroom real quick? I’ve been holding it this entire time. Wouldn’t want to embarrass myself before we get back.”

Crystal asked before they got to the elevator. Nurse Joanne looked at the woman before replying.

“Sure thing sweetie, you need some help?”

Crystal shrugged her shoulders giving a short answer of agreement. They wheeled her to the restroom down the hall and helped her inside. Nurse Joanne shooed the male nurses away and went to help Crystal. Another female nurse walked in, smiling in greeting before quickly going into a vacant stall. Joanne placed Crystal on the toilet seat and before she could step out Crystal grabbed her head and slammed it against the stall wall, knocking the nurse out. She stepped around the unconscious woman, taking her IV lines out as she went and stopped outside the stall with the other nurse inside.

“Okay, I’m not going to hurt you. Just give me your scrubs and I’ll be on my way.”

The scared young woman opened the stall door and undressed. She handed Crystal the clothes and stepped back in the stall.


Crystal dressed as fast as she could. She knew the others would be getting suspicious soon. She put her hair up, using a clip she found on Nurse Joanne’s sleeve. She did feel guilty about what she was doing, but she had no other choice. She couldn’t go back to California. She had to run as far away from those memories as she could manage. She poked her head out the door, locating the nurses and officers a few short feet away. Bringing her hand up to her face she ducked her head and briskly walked down the hall and around the corner. She was still weak and couldn’t go far with her injuries still healing. She sat on a bench and leaned her head against the wall. Not having much time she needed to figure out her next move. She hadn’t thought this far ahead, she actually didn’t think her plan would’ve worked so far. Looking around she saw a lone stretcher by a patient’s room. On it, was a clipboard and stethoscope. Pushing herself up she limped towards it. Grabbing the two items she made her way to another elevator. That’s when she heard the yell.

“Quick! She’s trying to escape! Find her!”

The police officers had figured it out. She ducked inside a room to her right and pretended to take the vitals of the patient sleeping in the bed. Using her peripheral vision she watched as the officers and male nurses ran past the room. Turning around she limped towards the first elevator, the opposite direction her chasers. Taking longer than she wanted she pressed the button for the ground floor and let out a large breathe. As the ding sounded the doors slid open and she saw two officers checking ids of all the hospital employees coming and going of the front entrance.


She said through gritted teeth, obviously they would have the entrance blocked. Looking around she knew there must be a different way out. Her eyes caught a small map on the wall next to the elevator doors and Crystal smirked as she saw exactly what she needed. Careful to cover her limp she made her way to the back of the building. A bright red sign hung over the door she was so desperate to find. A large smile broke out on her face as she pushed through it.


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