Chapter Five

Here’s chapter 5! Finally getting to the main story-line. I’m working on going over the past chapters and fixing them up. I feel like my writing is really coming along. Like always, Read and Review!


The Sheriff
Chapter Five-The Town

Pausing briefly, Crystal waited for her eyes to adjust to the harsh sunlight of the afternoon. She had managed to slip out of one of the fire escapes. It was very surprising, but she was glad, the fire alarm failed to sound off. She pressed on down the ramp that lead to employee parking, rubbing her left leg as she went. She needed a ride soon. There was little desire to steal a car as that could be traced back to her, something she didn’t need to happen. Instead, she changed course and walked around to the front. Unsure how she would pull it off; but perhaps she could manage a taxi or a good deed from a kind stranger. Stopping at the final corner, Crystal poked her head around to gauge where everyone was. That was when a man had walked out into the main courtyard dressed in workman’s jeans and a thick plaid button up. His button up was open, revealing a wife beater underneath. He was casually looking around until his eyes landed on Crystal’s. Crystal quickly pulled her head away but it was too late, he had seen her.

“Hey! Girl!”

His gruff voice carried itself to her ears. She attempted to run but he had already caught up to her. Grabbing her arm he stopped her.

“Let me go!”

Crystal whispered harshly, attempting to wrench her arm free of his large hand. He raised both his hands up in surrender taking a step back.

“Sorry. Are you the person them pigs are lookin’ fer?”

He pointed in the direction of the front entrance with his thumb.

“What’s it to you lumber jack?”

He chuckled at her snide remark as he began scratching at his thick beard.

“You need a lift?”

Scrunching her face up Crystal pushed past him continuing her plan.

“Hey look! I a’int tryin’ to do nothin’ to ya. I was just gonna drop ya off at the nearest town. You can do what cha want after that.”

Crystal spun around and looked at the strange man. She didn’t trust him. Though she didn’t have much choice in the matter, she needed to get as far away from the hospital as fast as she could. On top of that, her legs were well past their limit.

“What’s the nearest town?”

The man smiled.

“Why, Wolf ridge of course. ‘Bout forty-five minutes west. Name’s Jarrod by the way.”

He extended his hand in greeting; Crystal slowly met it with her own.

“Crystal. Let’s get a move on Jarrod.”

Jarrod tipped his head in her direction.

“Yes m’am. Truck’s this way.”

As she followed Jarrod to his truck a feeling rose in the pit of her stomach. She wasn’t sure why this strange man offered her a lift but she knew if he tried anything she wouldn’t hesitate to right his wrong…she just couldn’t afford any obstacles to get in the way of her freedom. None.

The drive was uncomfortable to say the least, it was filled with awkward conversation and pregnant silences. Crystal mostly stared out the window at the scenery flashing by; the occasional song would come over the speakers that she knew and she would bob her head along. Jarrod would notice and turn the sound up sometimes singing along or tap his fingers on the steering wheel. As they neared the town limits Jarrod leaned and lowered the volume of the radio.

“Alright little lady we’re almost there. I’m gonna drop ya off at a bed and breakfast right on the outskirts. Run by good folk.”

She looked at him incredulously.


She turned back to the window.

“I haven’t any money obviously.”

Jarrod reached over and patted her on the shoulder.

“Don’t cha worry ’bout that. They’ll work something out with ya.”

The truck pulled into a small driveway in front of a large yellow house. The house had a colonial look to it and was surrounded by a small wooden fence. It would have been a picture perfect country home, save for the yard decorations. The owners must have a family member in the taxidermy business, it was the only explanation for the copious amount of stuffed creatures littering the green grass.

“Yeah, the Littles have a hobby.”

Jarrod explained as he saw Crystal’s face.

“Right. I can tell.”

She slid out of the truck with a thanks.

“Anytime miss.”

He said with a tip of his head. Crystal waited for him to back out of the driveway before she trailed up the small sidewalk to the front door. She rang the doorbell and waited for someone to answer the door. She tried knocking after a few minutes had passed with no luck still. She went down the steps, making her way to the end of the drive. She looked right hoping to make out the rest of the town. She saw a building not far down the road deciding to try for a hotel.

“What on Earth am I doing here?”

She whispered to herself, head hanging down. Her legs couldn’t take much more walking, she needed to find a room soon.

She was nearing the town so she looked up in search of someplace to stay. Instead, she saw a painting done on the side of an old barn. It was of a wolf with emerald green eyes staring back. Two words were drawn largely behind it:Wolf Ridge

“Well, guess it could be worse huh?”

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