Chapter Six

This is a long one! Next chapter I will be introducing a very interesting character ;D Read and Review!!

The Sheriff
Chapter Six:The Littles

Sinking into the first booth she saw, Crystal released a sigh of relief. Managing to find the diner relatively easy. It wasn’t far into the town but then again, this town didn’t seem to have much in it at all. A plump woman in a large apron folded in half at her waist came up to Crystal almost immediately after she sat down.

“A’int never seen you here before. You just come to town darling?”

Crystal had about enough of these hick accents. She was starting to believe everyone talked like that around here. She looked at the woman smiling slightly.

“You could say that…Susan.”

She squinted to read the waitresses name pinned on her uniform.

“Well in that case, welcome to Wolf Ridge Montana! What can I get you?”

“Water and a room.”

Crystal leaned her head on her left knuckle. Sighing again as she did so.

“Water I can get you, a room on the other hand no can do. There’s a bed and breakfast-“

Crystal cut the woman off.

“Been there. No answer. Any other hotels around here?”

Susan smiled sweetly.

“Nope. I can call the Littles for you though. Be back in a jiffy darling.”

With that she walked around the counter and grabbed the phone hanging on the wall.

“Jesus, nicknaming strangers must be a trend around here.”

Crystal heard the click of the phone being placed back in it’s holder and the soft footsteps of her waitress.

“Good news, I talked to Mrs. Littles’. They got a room for you when you’re ready.”

Susan placed a glass of water on the table in front of Crystal and with a tooth-full smile walked back around the counter. Crystal nursed the water for quite some time, relaxing in the booth and massaging her throbbing legs. She would look out the window at the buildings before her. There weren’t many to watch; A general store, what appeared to be a bank, a doctor’s office, and something she couldn’t quite make out.


Susan glanced up from her crossword and walked to Crystal’s booth.

“What can I do for you darling?”

She asked as she grabbed her scratch pad out of her apron.

“Is there anyway I could get a lift to the Littles? I have no car and my legs are hurt.”

She met susan’s gaze. Hoping she would do Crystal this favor.

“Of course dear. Let me get my keys.”

Rushing she snatched her purse from below the register and yelled at whoever was in the kitchen to watch the front. The two left the diner and climbed into Susan’s classic Chevrolet pick-up. Johnny Cash began playing in the background as Susan drove down the dirt road back to the Littles.

“Here we are.”

Susan put the truck in park.

“Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.”

Crystal said apologetically.

“Don’t worry about darling. You rest up now and welcome to our town.”

Crystal slid out and hobbled, for the second time that day, to the front door. Unlike earlier an older woman was waiting for her. She stepped out of the house a smile so big Crystal was afraid her face would split in two.

“Hey there! Welcome to our humble home! Sorry I missed you the first time around, I was pruning the bushes in the back. With Earl working so much, there isn’t anyone around her to do the yard work but me.”

Crystal simply shrugged in reply.

“It’s okay. How much is it a night?”

Mrs. Little pulled Crystal inside and shut the door behind them.

“We can discuss that later, how about some supper first? You seem like you haven’t eaten in a month.”

Ushering her into the dining room, Mrs. Little pulled a chair out for Crystal and jogged to the kitchen. The smell of roast beef drifted and Crystal inhaled the scent. Her stomach rumbled making her realize it had been hours since her last meal; She wasn’t allowed breakfast before her scans.

“Tea or water?”

Mrs. Littles’ voice carried from the other room.

“Uh, water thank you!”

Crystal replied. She was brought a glass, the cold water condensing on the sides. While Mrs. Little was setting the table a timer rang from the kitchen.

“Oh! Hope Earl gets here soon, food will be cold otherwise.”

Crystal assumed Earl was her husband. She stood up, offering to help bring the food out but her offer was rejected.

“You’re our guest!”

She stated rushing back to the oven.

“Can’t have you working. You just sit there and look pretty, I’ll have it out in a flash.”

Crystal was sure she had never seen so much food at a dinner table on a night that wasn’t a national holiday. Her eyes widened and her mouth watered at the sight and smell of the feast before her. Mrs. Little continues to scuttle around her kitchen gathering various utensils for dinner.

“Alrighty then I think we are set!”

She exclaimed, sitting down across from Crystal.

“Shall we?”

Mrs. Little extended her hand across the table.

“I’m sorry?”

“Grace my dear.”

She smiled at the young woman.

“Oh! Of course.”

Crystal quickly grabbed Mrs. Little’s hand.

“Dear Lord we thank you for this food and for this day. Let this food nourish our bodies and minds so we may serve you. Everything is given by your hand so we can give to you in all we do. In your son’s name we pray, amen.”

At this an older man walked in.

“Did I miss grace hun?”

He walked to the head of the table. Before he sat he took off his cap and jacket on the back of the seat.

“Just, my dear.”

Mrs. Little informed her husband.

Mr. Little began piling the food on his plate when he noticed the third person in his dining room.


Crystal whispered with a nervous chuckle.


Mr. Little replied.

“This is Crystal honey, she will be staying with us for awhile.”

Mr. Little returned his eyes to his meal.

“He’s a bit shy honey, take no offense.”

It didn’t take much to realize how awkward this dinner would be.

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