The odd one out … or in..?

Nurret Photography

In 1933 Aksel Sandemose wrote the novel “En flykting korsar sina spår” (something like “The refugee is crossing his tracks”), about a town called Jante. In the novel he formulated 10 laws which now is commonly known as “Jantelagen” throughout Scandinavia  (The law of Jante). The essence is more or less that: “Don’t think you’re are “something”, don’t think you are better than anybody else” and could be compared to the Tall Poppy Syndrome in the English speaking world.

Jantelagen is spoken out in a very negative way and is associated with envy and disparage …  but I don’t always really agree… Of course you should be allowed to be proud and like yourself but nevertheless, it is when you start to believe you are a better human being than all the others things go wrong…
The truth is that it is not very likely that you are better than the rest of us…  but this doesn’t mean you worse either…

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