Chapter Eight

Chapter eight is mostly dialogue, which is my weak area when it comes to writing. If you have any tips or critiques lay ’em on me! Other than that: Enjoy


The Sheriff
Chapter Eight: The Case

Sheriff Rex Johnston fell into his office chair; Rho taking up residence at his feet. He tossed his hat onto his desk and shook the computer mouse to rouse his desktop from its sleeping mode. A window asking for his password popped up so Rex quickly typed in his credentials. His basic home screen loaded, showing a few programs organized neatly on the left of the screen. Rex clicked the file labeled “Carmickle”. He clicked his tongue impatiently as the computer struggled to load.

“Damn thing.”
He rapped his knuckles on the side of the desktop until it finally pulled up.

He stroked his chin while his eyes scanned the evidence. Rex wasn’t sure why he wanted to look through the case, as it had been officially closed for quite some time. He knew why Jarrod Carmickle was back in town, he was after Rex. Rex’s father, the previous Sheriff, was responsible for putting Jarrod in jail; and both families had suffered losses over it.

Rex picked up the phone thinking the Montana Federal Prison owed him an explanation.

“This is Montana Federal Prison. Officer Walks speaking.”

“Officer Walks? This is Sheriff Johnston.”

“Rex? Always so formal, I told ya to call me Art. Hell, I’ve known you and your family since you were in diapers”

Rex shook his head slowly.

“There a reason you haven’t called yet?”

Rex’s ear was filled with the sound of a deep sigh.

“So he finally made it to Ridge huh? You were never one to beat around the bush, even as a kid. Yeah, we were hoping to catch the bastard before he made it down there but the worm managed to evade our guys.”

The Sheriff placed a hand over his forehead.

“So basically you lost him.”


Was Officer Walks response.

Rho plopped his head onto Rex’s knee. Rex reached down to scratch behind his partner’s large ear.

“And you still didn’t call. Look, we found an abandoned truck outside of town with some evidence we think was his doing.”

“I see. I can send some guys down there-“

“I’ll let you know if we need some help.”

Rex sharply cut him off.

“Kid there’s no harm in getting some back up. You can cover more area.”

“We can handle this. I already have a lead.”

“What do you have?”

Officer Walks inquired more seriously.

“I’m not sure what exactly she has to do with this-“


This time it was Walks who cut in.

“Nevermind. I’ll let you know.”

Walks chuckled at Rex’s attempt to dodge the question.

“I’ll keep the feds off your back as long as possible. They’ve been desperate here recently trying to get on the case. Not sure why though. You know how they get, anyways I’ll buy you as much time as I can.”

“Thanks Art.”

“Good luck kid.”

With that Rex placed the phone back down.

“What to do now Rho…”

Rho whined lightly, licking The Sheriff’s palm.

“Let’s go see Dad.”

As Rex and Rho walked out of his office and down the hallway to the lobby of the Sheriff’s department his cell phone rang in his pocket.


He answered gruffly. He had had enough social interaction for one day.

“It’s Fredricks Sheriff. I may have something for you.”

Rex rolled his eyes at Fredricks voice.

“Go ahead Deputy.”

The tell-tell stutter careened over the phone.

“I-I was checking my email when I saw a news flash on the yahoo homepage-“

Rex almost, almost, let out a low chuckle.

“S-s-sheriff please bear with me. There was a house fire in Los Angeles, almost caught the neighbor’s houses on fire too. The firefighters found a b-b-body inside, CoD was a gunshot to the chest. They think it was the wife.”

“Your point being Deputy?”

“The body was identified as Mark Carmickle sir. Jarrod’s brother.”


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