Blow It!

On The Pynk Couch


If you’ve ever had one of these, you know the meaning of true fun.  You also know what to do in a crisis, ie. when the game starts “acting” up.  I don’t remember who told me, but I knew when Mario Bros. wasn’t working correctly to take the cartridge out, blow across the bottom and put it back in the system.  Then I could resume jumping over man-eating plants and stomping on the little mean-face guys.

Fast forward a few (ahem- 20) years.  Think about it.  We still do the same thing.  When our life hints it might get off track or something just starts “acting up”, we pause, reflect, blow life into the situation and resume our paths to greatness.  Whether it’s not liking the job we’re at or deciding the career field we’re in just isn’t for us, we take time to realize what we do want and…

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