Blessed are the forgetful

Critical Dispatches

“There is no teaching, but only recollection”  – Socrates

Last year I saw a stand-up comedian who, after riffing for 10 minutes on his recent travels across the United States, concluded his set (which was admittedly quite low on laughs) by idiomatically declaring to the half-cut Friday night audience that “when you experience different cultures, it enriches the soul.” How odd a thing it is that you can have the most horizon broadening of experiences while travelling, but sometimes, for whatever reason, it’s actually the most trivial and kinda goofy details that linger in your memory long after your return home. Perhaps I should explain.

TownHall I’m not that long home from a trip to Brussel, a city founded on the River Senne by the descendants of Charlemagne during the 1st Christian Millennium, a time many medievalists refer to as the darkest of the Dark Ages in pre-renaissance Europe. Brussels…

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