The House

Hola! Now that I’m back at school, not on vacation, perhaps I can start up the old dusty blog again. Here’s an excerpt from my completed short story “The House”.

The house was whiter than the purest of snow flakes, if that were possible.  The grass around the snow white house was emerald green, a sharp contrast to the brown of the surrounding properties. This no doubt caught the man’s attention. The stranger had been told about this particular house from an acquaintance he had worked with on a previous investigation. It was simply deemed “The House”. Nothing more, nothing less. According to the rumors, no one who went in ever came out the same. More peculiar than the rumors themselves was the fact that not a single team, of which there were many, agreed to releasing their findings. The man always had a knack for the paranormal so it would take a lot more than a spooky story to scare him off.

Leave a comment! Let me know what you think 😀 I live for critiques.

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