Busy, Busy

D.C. is always the best place to drive to on a weekday. Not. Monday is probably the worst weekday of them all to attempt the trip. However, business demanded I go. Getting to my destination is always the most terrifying. Watching the speeders weave in and out of cars, changing lanes in bumper-to-bumper traffic, and missing the same exit I always do(luckily there’s a nice little u-turn not to far ahead of the elusive turn-off), it’s enough to make anyone exhausted. Upon arrival, though, D.C. is quite nice. It’s a lovely city for walking. Unlike New York City, a place I absolutely adore visiting, the chances of being run over while crossing the streets is very small! The buildings have that beautiful brick makeup, and the embassies are pretty cool to look at. Unfortunately, I missed Passport D.C. this year, so I haven’t been inside any in over a year. Sad face. When the weather is cooperative, it is relaxing to just walk the streets and check out the unique shops that are scattered about.

All that put aside…there’s no place like home. I don’t hang around D.C. on weekdays; I much prefer spending leisure time there on weekends.

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