To Do


The planner is empty for today, odd. Since the semester began in January I’ve been on campus five days a week, from 8 o’clock in the morning til whenever classes ended, sometimes later. My weekends would be packed with assignments, research projects, presentations, maybe a day or two to myself. Now, there’s nothing. I’ve only been out of school for four days and I’m actually bored. What to do? I have some errands to run this week, supplies for my trip to buy, and I want to decorate my graduation cap, but that’s it.

It’s very strange, moving on from something you’ve been a part of for years. I’ve been in school since I was…four? Is that when pre-school starts? I’ve identified as a student for so long, I don’t know what to call myself now. Recent graduate? That just doesn’t seem to fit.

I have a job that I will be starting in August, then when that’s fulfilled I’ll be moving on to Graduate school next fall. So I suppose I’m not exactly “moving on,” school and I are just taking a break, seeing other people, finding ourselves, then we will try again. What will it feel like to be back in an academic environment after a whole year off?

P.S. This is my ‘never doubt yourself’ mug, courtesy of Olan Rogers.

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