A taste of Italy

I landed in Italy on Sunday, and from there it has been a laid back vacation. A true dive into the European life. One of my favorite things about Paris and Italy is that no one seems to be in a rush. I love getting coffee and a croissant in the morning and sipping for as long as I please. No one interrupts you, no one rushes you out, it’s just you and the morning sun. 

Vicenza is a cute, little town tucked away South of the Alps. The mountains loom in the near-distance, and the sun is incredibly bright. The past few days have witnessed rain and thunderstorms, but the sun has managed to visit enough for me to explore downtown and all its offerings. 

I’m not one for the main attractions, but we are going to be visiting the big cities this next week. I’m looking forward to finding their hidden gems, since the tourists will be flocking to the summer sites. I’ve enjoyed this quiet town, and will miss it while we tour the major spots. 

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