Roaming Venezia

We made our way to Venice by train, the scenery on the way was fabulous, and immediately hopped on the ferry to Murano Island. 

This island is famous for its glass making. Visitors to the island can walk to the furnace and watch the craftsmen make the glass, a very interesting process that even kids enjoy watching. It’s a very small room, but people come and go so the wait isn’t very long. 

Downtown is located along the canal, and there are a few restaurants and souvenir shops on both sides. We enjoyed a nice spaghetti with mussels, some grilled sardines, and a cappuccino. 

We didn’t have enough time to go to another island, so we decided to at least see S. Marco plaza. It didn’t disappoint. The buildings are very impressive, and have that architecture that makes you stop and stare. 

The city is doing a lot of renovations, but the scaffolds didn’t take too much away from the actual structures. 

We didn’t go into any of the tourism sites, as they are packed this time of the year. However, there are a handful of churches throughout the city you can see for free, and there are plenty of tourism companies that will take you into the sites immediately. We enjoyed just walking around, and taking the ferries back and forth. Venice is very beautiful. 

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