We didn’t do much other than shop in Verona, but the one thing we did visit was the Arena. After getting lost, we managed to find this and decided we had to check it out since we are planning a visit to Rome. This was built by the Romans, and is still used today for plays, operas, and the like.

I was a little upset about how much had been changed, but that’s to be expected to ensure the safety and use of the Arena. It was still lovely to see how it has stayed intact over the centuries. Kids will enjoy this place as well. There are people dressed as gladiators around the outside of the arena  that will take pictures with you for free, they are very nice and it makes for a silly memory.

After the Arena we went down the street with the shops. It seems every city in Italy, no matter the size, has a copious amount of shops to choose from. The shops off the beaten path offer a nice look into local fashion, but the main shops are definitely worth hitting up as well.

There is a local restaurant called Osteria Le Vecete where this dish is served. It is a Risotto that is a specialty there, and well worth seeking out.
On Sundays you will find a market near a tower just a few blocks down from Le Vecete. Overall, Verona is a must if you are an avid shopper.

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