An Afternoon in Asiago

We took a small bus into the mountains to visit Asiago, and it has been my favorite trip thus far. This small town is located high up in the mountains, surprisingly it had snowed the day prior! The snow had all melted, save for a lone pile near the cheese factory, but the chilly  temperature remained. 

The cheese factory we toured has been making their products the same way since 1927. Samples are provided at the end of the tour where you can purchase whichever cheese you like best, milk and yogurts are also available to take home. The workers at this factory are very passionate about their jobs, which makes the tour even more substantial. 

After the factory we toured downtown, a market was set up in the plaza, a common Sunday event in Italy. We purchased some local honey and apricots, before departing for lunch at the Asiago Hotel & Spa resort. 

This place is absolutely beautiful. The view is right out of a storybook, and the atmosphere is very relaxing. Unfortunately the group we were with was less than courteous, so I advise going with your own family or on your own. 

Asiago is a very family oriented town, and the air is so refreshing. It is a perfect weekend getaway. 

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