Rome, Rome, Rome

After two and a half days in Rome, I still can’t believe everything we saw. 

The sheer size of these historical buildings are awe-inspiring. I had to take a few moments before taking pictures just to soak them all in. 

We ended our first afternoon with a spot of ice cream from one of the most famous ice cream shops in Rome. Giolitti is the name, and it was recommended to us by one of our fabulous hotel receptionists. You pay beforehand, and then move to a separate line to pick out your ice cream. It’s a refreshing treat after a long day of walking in the powerful sun. Unfortunately it’s difficult to get a table so you’ll most likely be standing outside regardless ha-ha! 

I was bed ridden that evening, again the sun is VERY strong in Rome, but my family ate out at a nice restaurant near the hotel. Be sure to bring lots of water, and wear clothes to protect to yourself from the sun. If you’re sensitive like myself, make time to visit cafes or shops frequently to cool down. 

Our second day we visited all the main sites; it was a long journey, but thankfully the metro systems in Europe are incredibly easy to figure out. 

We found out a few days after our visit that the colosseum is currently being renovated thanks to a generous donor. It was beautiful, and I’m sure it’s going to be even more breathtaking when they finish renovations. You can pay extra to visit the third floors and the lower areas, but it’s best to look up ahead of time when the tours are being done. A gentleman in front of us had just missed the last tour. 

The pass you buy includes a couple of other sites, so we managed to see almost the entirety of Ancient Rome in one afternoon! It’s very neat to be able to walk a city that is two thousands years old. To think it’s been so well preserved too. 

Take a coin, and throw it over your left shoulder! The Trevi Fountain is so magnificent! I was tagged in a link on Facebook by a good friend of mine, it stated the money collected from the fountain all goes towards humanitarian initiatives! It’s really a wonderful idea. This is a short walk from the college in the area. Well, short in terms of Rome. My advice again, because the sun sickness is real, bring sunglasses, comfortable shoes, and plenty of water. 

P.S. We stayed at the Tango Hotel, it was recently renovated and is located next to Vatican City and a metro stop. Truly the best hotel we stayed at. 

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