Switzerland on tour

Switzerland is one of the most beautiful places I have ever traveled to. I haven’t been to very many countries outside of the U.S.A., but I can say Switzerland had an impact on me.

My step-mother made a reservation for us through a tour group, so we didn’t have to worry about booking trains, hotels, etc. We really just wanted to relax and enjoy this portion of our vacation.


The bus ride from Italy to Switzerland was one stunning view after the next. I took these photos from the window, believe it or not. They definitely don’t capture all the beauty, but they are a great reminder of the unique landscape.

Our first stop was a castle alongside Lake Geneva, which after repeating the name Castle Chillon to myself a million times I finally realized the significance of the landmark. It shouldn’t have taken me so long, as Frankenstein is one of my favorite novels and the subject of my independent study in college, but we all have our moments ha-ha! Forgive me! If you plan on visiting Switzerland, I recommend touring Chillon, we visited during the celebration of Lord Byron’s visit(destiny, I say), but there is so much more to Chillon’s history than Byron. Check out the website for Chillon 


There’s so much to see, and we honestly didn’t have as much time as we would have liked, but for what we could see it was amazing. Hopefully I can go back one day and spend a couple more hours looking around. The gift shop is also full of some sweet treasures. Everything from swords and chain mail, to refrigerator magnets, so you can definitely find something for everyone on your souvenir gift list.


Bonus: there’s a great selfie/photo shoot spot on this pier.

From  Chillon we went into Montreux, where we dropped off our bags at the hotel and went exploring. The town is very small, quaint, and is perfect for just relaxing and enjoying being outdoors. We ate a restaurant in the small shopping complex downtown, where I was able to have one last fix of fries and mayonnaise, a dish I grew to love while in France. After lunch,we spent the rest of the day exploring the town and lakeside scenery. Unfortunately we had done no research prior and discovered there are tons of ferries available at the Montreux port. Click here for some information on the different types of ferries, and where they go.


We made our way to the train station the following morning, where we took the famous Chocolate Train, which is another CAN’T MISS! The Chocolate Train takes you to more than just the factory, however. You can visit a cheese shop, a medieval town, and then the chocolate factory ^^ we had the Golden Pass included with our tour, so we were able to do everything! It was a long day, but well worth it.


This area, Gruyeres, is surrounded by mountains and makes is seem like it’s part of a storybook. There is a castle you can visit, which is where I took this photo. I didn’t go inside the actual castle, and instead took photos of the area and walked around. The air was incredibly crisp and clean, which made me feel so healthy just breathing it.

I unfortunately didn’t take pictures of the chocolate factory or cheese shop. I suppose I was distracted by…well chocolate and cheese ha-ha. All-in-all, it was an amazing trip.

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