Damyang for only a day

It was a short day in Damyang, but then again that’s all you really need for Damyang ha-ha. Our first stop was the Bamboo Forest, one of Damyang’s most famous sites. In order to get there, from the the Gwangju bus station head out the front to the bus stops. Take bus number 311, and get off at the (죽녹원) Juknokwon stop. This will take you right across the street from the bamboo forest.  There’s a small entrance fee, but nothing crazy. Also, I suggest picking up a map at the entrance, the forest is a bit bigger than you would think!


The forest itself is breathtaking. The best time to visit may not be in the middle of summer, it was heckin’ HOT.


The trail throughout the forest is littered with corny and fun things to do. You can check your body weight using poles of wood, haha! Weave through the wooden poles to find out if your body weight matches your age!

You can follow your heart, or follow a trail on the map. There’s so much to see, but it can be done in one day. Just pack some comfortable shoes and a lot of water. A quite of few cafes exist along the various trail, so you can stop and rest along the way.


If you find your way to the area, it’s worth a stop! It’s at the very end of the foresst, but it’s so beautiful and you can take some quality couple shots 😉 (for all you couples out there). Unfortunately, if you exit the forest here it will be difficult to make it back to town. Taxis will charge an extra fee to come to you, but if you don’t mind that then go ahead!

From the forest, we headed to a shopping area called Meta Provence. This cute little area is filled to the brim with great restaurants, cafes, and shops. Try as many places as your stomach can take! You can find churros, dumplings, barbecue, desserts, all sorts.


Across the street from Meta Provence, a road of trees called Damyang Metasequoia Land exists. Again, there’s a small entrance fee. However, it’s a beautiful strip! Don’t miss out. You can buy fresh juice, fresh fruit, and enjoy some scenery!

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