An Exclusive Experience with EXID

A “fansign,” is an event that international Kpop fans dream of attending. It happens almost exclusively in South Korea. Every now-and-then groups will fly to surrounding countries(mostly Japan) for these events, and I’ve seen two, or three, events held here in the U.S.A. What is it, and why do fans go crazy for them?

During promotional activities for newly released albums, Kpop groups will hold what is called a “fansign.” These are small, intimate, events that allow a select number of fans to meet Kpop idols. A fansign is normally around 2-3 hours longs, depending on the number of fans picked, and what the idols have planned for that time.

My favorite girl-group is called EXID. It’s a five member group, and they aren’t as popular as girl-groups TWICE, BlackPink, Red Velvet, etc. They are from a smaller company, and have a more sexy concept(which has gotten them censored before).

After the release of their hit “DDD,” they began holding fansigns. When I read the notice in their fancafe for a fansign in Suwon, Seoul, I knew I had to apply. I’m not sure if they’ve ever had a fansign outside of Seoul, actually. I began asking friends who had been to fansigns before what the process was like.

My Korean skills at the time(not much improvement since-yikes!) were limited to face-to-face interactions. My boyfriend at the time knew how much I liked EXID, so he offered to help me call the store and place an order for albums. Entries for fansigns are based on a lottery. The more albums you buy, the higher your chances are. My close friend who had been to multiple Monsta X fansigns advised me to buy at least 10 albums. Monsta X, then, was a little more popular than EXID, but not as popular as BTS or EXO. I purchased 15 albums(Come to find out I definitely over-purchased). I had no regrets, I was going to meet my favorite girls!!!


The winners of the lottery are posted in the news section of whatever music store fans had to purchase from. The albums for this fansign were listed at a special price, and shipped afterwards. People who bought only two or three albums were given the total number at the fansign, but for the rest of us we were given only one album.


Solji was absent from all promotions, so I only got to meet LE, Hyelin, Hani, and Jeonghwa. It was still an amazing experience. Everyone was given a seat number, however it is very common to switch before the fansign starts. Fansites have particular seats they like to sit in(for filming purposes), and friends like to sit together. I changed seats about four times, phew!


I didn’t have much money after buying albums, so I could only give the girls some Peppero boxes(the fansign was the day after Peppero Day). Other fans gave the girls flower crowns, dolls, snacks, etc. I became so nervous while lining up, and at one point even forgot all the Korean I learned thus far ha-ha!

First Hyelin: I asked where she likes to travel to in Korea-Busan!!!!!!!

Second Hani: Honestly, I can’t read her handwriting(Hani, why?) We talked about her favorite and least favorite seasons, I believe she wrote down what she told me????

Third LE: In 5 years she wants to still be singing with EXID, and working hard.

Fourth Jeonghwa: Can’t read the first line, but she wrote my Korean was really good!!! That is cool!!!!

I held hands with Hani twice, and all the girls said they really appreciated the fact that I traveled so far just to see them. I said I lived in the southern province, and had to take a four-hour long bus ride. I had such a wonderful time with them, and I’m so glad I got over my anxiety. I was scared to go alone, but had to push myself so I wouldn’t miss such an opportunity.

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