EXO pt 1

If you’ve guessed by my last K-Pop related post, I’m a big fan of the genre. Whilst EXID is my favorite girl group, my favorite boy group is definitely EXO. Although, BTS is a close runner-up.

My first EXO concert was in Newark, NJ. It was during the EXO-Planet 2 concert series, and I don’t have many pictures. I wasn’t a stan then, but I had gone just in case they never returned to the U.S.A ha-ha. They did, but I was in Korea. Life is crazy!



My second concert was the Exordium in Seoul. My-oh-my what an experience. It was my second concert in Korea, but first in Seoul. A whole other level.

Tickets went on sale roughly a month before the concert. My friend, the Chinese teacher at the school, and I went a PC room since the internet is faster. We arrived maybe an hour before the start of sales, but we couldn’t figure out how to sign in! We asked the employee at the counter, who turned out to be an EXO-L(fandom name) herself! She helped us log in, and even brought us free coffee “for energy,” ha-ha.


It was the hunger-games IRL. The entire website shutdown, and we couldn’t get in for 45 minutes. Which, by the time that happened, tickets were long gone. We left defeated, but we wouldn’t give up.

Roughly two weeks before the concert date, my friend found a resale site. We managed to snag two seats next to each other, and the date was set! Thankfully, I had rented an AirBnB when the concert was announced, so we didn’t have to worry about finding a hotel so close to the concert. We were going to see EXO!


As soon as we arrived in Seoul, we ate a quick lunch and headed to the room. I always use AirBnB when travelling. There’s no fuss about check-in times, and you get to stay in a whole apartment. Granted, it’s more expensive than a guesthouse, but the experience is just better in my opinion.

We decided we wanted to go the venue to get merch, and thank goodness we did. The line was already a mile long, and what we really wanted was already sold out. We managed light-sticks and baseball tees, SM always keeps tons of those on hand. What I really wanted was the elusive baseball jersey 0.0 but that wasn’t in the cards this time around.

After that, we hung around the venue, but the heat was insane(in May!) so we headed back to the apartment to change and cool off.


Now it was time for the concert!!! We were unable to exchange our tickets for closer seats, but in the end that didn’t matter. We were finally seeing our boys in their native country. The stages for their East Asian venues are just so much more elaborate, and the concerts tend to be a bit longer.

Even when living in Korea, going to concerts can be pretty expensive. I lived way down south, so I always had to schedule the whole weekend for Seoul. It was worth every dime and second. I’m so lucky to have gone to the concerts I did, and have the time I had. I hope I can go back soon, and see my boys again ❤


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