This week was chaotic(bbbusy). I had 1-2 appointments every single day, so there was no time to write up another blog post. I can’t believe the week is already up.

Weeks like this always leave me feeling drained and unmotivated. I didn’t even complete everything I needed to. Monday is going to be another hectic day, thanks to that. Papers to copy, packages to send off, more appointments to make. My life is revolving around appointments, and I’m losing it!

I cannot wait for graduate school to start in the fall. Nothing I am doing at the moment contributes to my future plans. Of course, your health is always going to be important. Can’t work if you’re dead!

I try not to focus on the fact I’m not in school, but with my friends moving forward it keeps popping up in my mind. Once I start working on my Master’s, and complete my internship, I feel as thought I will be back on track.

I am terrible when it comes to comparing my life to others. Being objective, I have accomplished quite a bit. Whenever I am between jobs, though, I get restless. Perhaps I am too focused ha-ha. Oh well! With the way things are going, August will arrive shortly.

My apologies if this seems nonsensical. Just wanted to post a small life update, and get some thoughts out of my head.

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