A year already? Bad Times, Friends…

I can’t believe it’s July 2019. Almost August 2019! This has been one of the toughest years of my life. 25 was…not a good age ha-ha.

Last July, I underwent surgery for a condition I have apparently had since I was a pre-teen. It’s called Pectus Excavatum; basically my chest was caved in due to overgrown cartilage. Explained a lot, if I’m being honest.

After that I took up an internship in D.C., and tried to start my Master’s degree. Unfortunately, I ran out of money(this internship was unpaid), and couldn’t afford to complete my internship! I was forced to drop out of school, leave my unpaid job, and begin work at Wawa to make cash quickly so I could afford my bills.

WORST JOB EVER!!!! Let me tell you, people do NOT know how to treat customer service associates. AT ALL. I had no idea people could be so cruel to strangers. There were many days I went home and cried, just because complete strangers made me feel so small and insignificant. Regardless, I was stuck there until I could find something better. Which thank goodness I did….seven months later.

I’m about to embark on my next journey overseas. I am happy to say that I will be returning to South Korea! My plan is to complete two years of experience, and then apply for a job as a Foreign Service Officer! Wish me luck!!!

P.S. I am just so happy to have the time and energy to come back to blogging. The last 12 months have been very difficult for my mental health, and I am so thankful that I have such amazing friends. They were the only reason I was able to make it through.

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