What a Trip. JLP Adventures Day 1.

Just a quick post as I suffer from jetlag ha-ha

Finally made it to my hotel yesterday, after probably the worst flight of my life ha-ha.

My first flight to Toronto wasn’t too bad. I fell asleep early on, and woke up shortly before landing. The connection was also painless! Just had to scan my passport, and move on to the gates! Didn’t have to pick up my luggage since I was flying with the same airline.

I didn’t get any pictures of the airport since I was still tired(I had only gotten 3 hours of sleep the night before), but they have iPad lounges at each gate. You can order food, drinks, or play games while you wait for your flight.

My flight from Toronto to Incheon, however, was horrendous. I got so sick, I couldn’t even eat the last meal. A flight attendant gave me some aspirin, bless her, and it helped some, but my head didn’t stop pounding until we landed. I am so sorry to the two people in my row, I hope you didn’t catch whatever I have, but I couldn’t help it 😦 On the plus side, the movie selection was PACKED.

Thankfully immigration moved quick, and the people in line around me didn’t have to suffer the fact I smelled like -sick off a 14hr flight-, so I grabbed my luggage and booked it to the information desk. After asking where to find my airport shuttle, I hastily made my way outside. BOY HOWDY!!!! HUMID!!!! The sweating hit as soon the air did.

I parked myself on a bench by the shuttle area, and waited. After about 30 minutes, this older bus driver stepped over to ask where I was going. I suppose he saw me waiting there after driving by multiple times, and felt sorry. I told him, and he low-key rolled his eyes and said the pick up area for my hotel was at the end. So I’m not actually sure if he felt sorry for me, or just knew I was dumb. Oh well.

The way Incheon set this up is really smart; I just had no idea about it. Each hotel has a sign posted, and you line up to wait for your shuttle. I found mine, and after a bit there it came!

Check-in was quick, just needed my passport, and I immediately took a cold shower. The room is super cute, and is also the perfect size, even the shower is huge. I’m glad I stayed here(Best Western Premier).

I was supposed to meet my friend for dinner, however, the subway just isn’t set up to be convenient around here. You have to go to the airport railroad to get into Seoul, and that takes up to an hour depending on where you are trying to go. Which would be fine if I wasn’t leaving my hotel at 7pm. I unfortunately had to tell my friend I wasn’t comfortable going since there was a decent chance I would miss the last shuttle back. I just grabbed some kimbap from the 7-eleven in the lobby and watched tv until I fell asleep.

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