Waiting, Waiting, Waiting, JLP Day 2

Moving on to orientation

Grabbing a shuttle back to the airport was far less painful than going to the hotel…small victories, readers, small victories. The driver did drop me off at the complete opposite end of the airport, but that wasn’t his fault. It’s routine.

While waiting for the program pick-up, I met two other teachers, and had a good time swapping stories. I’m fairly awkward meeting new people, but it is something I really enjoy doing. My mind is in a constant battle of trying to engage in conversation, whilst not coming off as crazy. It’s an uphill battle, for sure. Then afterwards my brain replays everything I said to make sure nothing was too outrageous or weird. Constant suffering.

The bus ride from Seoul to Yeosu was an agonizing five hours, with two pit stops along the way. Korean rest stops are really something else. They are filled with cafes, little shops, and tons of restaurants. You could buy a whole meal during a break.

We arrived at the dormitory around 10:30, unloaded our luggage, and finally crashed in our rooms. Both my roommate and I were placed in a town called Hwasan, which is located just outside of Gwangju. I’ve never been there before, so this is the start of an adventure ha-ha.