It Begins. JLP Adventures Day 3

9-5 lecture days, can’t beat ’em. Orientation is finally in full swing; may the coffee rain down on our weary souls.

The first full day of orientation brought us a lecture on Korean Life, and a thorough medical check-up. Most of the lecture was on things I already knew from living here previously, but I don’t think anyone really gets used to the medical check-ups.

I would rather not go into detail, since it’s not polite. However, if you ever have to do it…just don’t be shy. Remind yourself that everyone there is doing the same thing, so don’t worry about it.

We had to fast for the bloodwork, which is deeply saddening as korean school lunches are AMAZING.

I usually don’t eat a lot, as you can see in the photo above, but I am working on that ha-ha. I really enjoy how fresh everything is, and how much food they offer.

After dinner we were freed, so my roommate and I went down to the convenience store for some cold coffee and snacks. I really need to be better at taking photos ha-ha. I’ll definitely get some of a convenience shop next time; they are astounding.