Yeosu. JLP Adventures Day 5?6?

Day four(and five? I’ve lost count) was pretty boring, so I didn’t have anything to post ha-ha! However, yesterday a friend of mine came up from Mokpo, and we did a bit of chaotic exploring in downtown Yeosu.

Yeosu is an incredibly beautiful city, especially at night. There are quite a few things to do, some of which I will experience soon! Yesterday was a very relaxed time, after so many days stuck in a lecture hall.

We had dinner at a fish market, first time ever for me ha-ha. Customers are able to walk around a large area filled with live fish tanks to pick which fish they would like to eat. After paying the seller, you have the option of taking the fish home, or having it delivered to the restaurant on the second floor connected to that seller. We decided to eat there, and walk around the downtown area afterwards.

“Busking,” is very popular in South Korea. We walked by about three different singers on our way to a cafe. All were incredibly talented, and surrounded by large crowds. It creates a fun atmosphere, perfect for enjoying the summer weather.

Korea is always on the go, but a Friday night during summer is GO time 😛 we did have a bit of difficulty walking in a straight line, but it’s all a part of the experience. At one point, an older gentleman borderline harassed me into taking a photo with my friend, but thankfully we are fairly relaxed people and let him take a photo on my phone before walking away. We promptly deleted it…it was of us in front of this really cool ship replica, though.

Our last stop was a cafe, before I couldn’t handle the jet lag anymore. It was serene, and we were able to watch boats on the water. I’m quite jealous of the teachers that will be staying in Yeosu ha-ha. It is an incredibly gorgeous city.

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