Back on my business. JLP Teaching


I’ve been teaching at this middle school for two and a half weeks now, and it’s way crazier than I thought it would be, in a good way.

I lowkey thought it would be like my elementary school job, but that was definitely underestimating it.

I teach about 18 classes a week, but also have a teacher’s workshop and club activities that I assist with. Thankfully, I don’t lead the English club…for now.

My school has about 600 kids, just to put it in perspective.

So far, my kids have been really great. They are rowdy, being middle schoolers of course ha-ha, but they are also interactive with lessons.

My class sizes range from 14 to 20 kids, wich is great for my excited classes, but having 14 kids stare at you in silent protest of having to speak is annoying ha-ha.

School life is honestly chill. The teachers are all very nice, the lunch is delicious, the students say hello in the hallway, and my lesson planning isn’t overtly stressful. Despite my apartment situation, I lucked out in my placement.

Yesterday, the vice principal pulled my main co-teacher aside to ask about my lessons. From what I understood, they are very happy with what I am doing so far, and the kids have been enjoying it. Hopefully I can keep this energy going!!!

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