Chuseok Weekend

I spent the chuseok holiday in Seoul. I absolutely love Seoul. Almost every holiday you can bet I’m here haha.

What a packed weekend!!! I wish I had more photos to share, but one friend that came along is a very focused traveler. She didn’t stop for many photoshoots haha.

The photos I did manage to snag, though, I quite like how they came out!!

As you can guess, we walked around the Gyeongbokgung Palace. The museums and secret garden were all closed for the holiday and renovations. I hope next time I go, the garden is open. I love taking photos there.

Next we went to Namsan tower, which hasn’t changed at all! It just took longer to get up there this time around.

Myeongdong was after the tower, but I didn’t get any photos of the streets. Lotte was closed for Chuseok, anyway.

My friend wanted to see Itaewon since we were already out, and at that point I was exhausted and not thinking about photos much ha-ha. I have no idea how she has so much willpower to carry on. She even went to the river afterwards!

Yesterday, I suggested we start off the day a little later, and grab some brunch at my favorite place in Gangnam: The Flying Pan. This place is gorgeous, and right by exit 9 of Gangnam Station. You can easily pull it up on Kakao Maps, and soooo worth checking out.

The have western style brunch.

Just incredible food and coffee. I eat here ever single time I’m in town.

After brunch was just Coex and shopping! My friend and I sort of parted ways for the remainder of the weekend. I needed a chill trip haha.

I’ll be back in Seoul in a couple weeks for the next four day weekend. I have someone who wants to check out an escape room, so stay tuned!

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