Hello all! I deeply apologize for my long absence. This semester seems to have been busier and much more difficult than the past. Thankfully, I’m well rested and can get back to work writing! I hope to have another chapter out this week and then get back to editing the previous chapters. Have a very … More Absence


Just want to give thanks to everyone who’s followed my blog and/or liked my posts! Y’all are awesome 🙂 I have chapter five done but I’m going to wait a bit before posting it. Chapter six is started so it won’t be long before I have that done as well. Please feel free to comment, … More Thanks!

Chapter Four

I had a burst of inspiration for this chapter so here it is! It will change my story-line a bit so I will have to go back over my notes for the next chapter. Read and Review! The SheriffChapter Four: The Escape Crystal had figured out her escape plan, now she just needed it to … More Chapter Four

Chapter Three!

Read and Review!  The SheriffChapter three:The Scans Nurse Joanne walked into Crystal’s hospital room around three o’clock that afternoon. Crystal had the old television on but wasn’t really paying attention to the images flashing across the screen. Joanne lightly tapped her knuckles on the door to alert Crystal to her presence. “Crystal dear?” Crystal moved … More Chapter Three!

The Creature

Hello all! This is an excerpt from The Creature, my first attempt at a horror story. I wrote this for my best friend, and it’s still in the works. I don’t know how many chapters I’m going to write, I pretty much just work on this when I have writer’s block. Anywho! Enjoy 😀 Terry … More The Creature


I’m thinking of posting some excerpts from my other projects. I have a few stories in my collection and it would be cool to share pieces from each of them just to see what you all would think.