The House pt. 3

Upon his arrival to the house, he was met by the groundskeeper, an elderly woman already waiting for him by the small black gate. The woman was wearing a plain gray dress that left no part of her uncovered, save her hands and face. The dress was worn and frayed; his first thought was that … More The House pt. 3

The House pt. 2

Even as a child, he had enjoyed hearing about witchcraft and poltergeists. He would spend hours at the local library pouring over information about famous haunted houses, especially the local ones. When he heard about this particular tale, he knew he had to personally investigate. All the same, he was not against taking precautions. This … More The House pt. 2

The House

Hola! Now that I’m back at school, not on vacation, perhaps I can start up the old dusty blog again. Here’s an excerpt from my completed short story “The House”. The house was whiter than the purest of snow flakes, if that were possible.  The grass around the snow white house was emerald green, a … More The House


It has been one long school year. I only have a year and a half until I graduate, then it’s on to graduate school(I hope). This past semester I wrote two very good short stories that my professor loved! One, a horror(of sorts) and the other, a twist on H.P Lovecraft’s The Statement of Randolph … More Hiatus


Thanks to the helpful advice of a blogger I have a renewed vigor for my writing. I am going to take a few days to edit the previous chapters and hopefully make them better. I’ll pass the edited work to some friends and update them on here when I get the feedback. Every critique I … More Editing

Chapter Nine

If you haven’t checked out the other chapters just go to my homepage and click “The Sheriff” under categories! Like always: feel free to drop some critiques! Any little thing helps my writing and is greatly appreciated. The next chapter will be very exciting so stay tuned! The SheriffChapter Nine:The Fair Grounds “This couldn’t be … More Chapter Nine

Chapter Eight

Chapter eight is mostly dialogue, which is my weak area when it comes to writing. If you have any tips or critiques lay ’em on me! Other than that: Enjoy   The SheriffChapter Eight: The Case Sheriff Rex Johnston fell into his office chair; Rho taking up residence at his feet. He tossed his hat … More Chapter Eight